CEO | Founder | Head Engineer 

CEO | Founder | Head Engineer 

Mission Statement

Providing you with everything you need to fit you creative and professional environment.

High Clazz Productions, INC. changing the world, without changing who you are, one movement at a time. 

Eli Young : Email: EliYoung@HighClazz.Net


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What We offer

Production Services

  • Sound for Film, Commensals, TV, Podcast,ext.
  • Live Sound Setups
  • Live sound Recording Engineer
  • Studio Recording Engineers
  • Musician Onsite
  • Songwriter
  • Vocal Singer for Studio Recording and Shows  
  • Modals

Product Services  

  • Artist Management          
  • Studio Placement           
  • Website Design
  • Sound Design                    
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography                     
  • Makeup Artist
  • Music Video


  • Live Sound Operations    
  • Copyright Operations
  • Production Operations     
  • Show Biz Operation
  • Live Sound Operations    
  • Pro Tools Training
  • Vocal Training                   
  • Instrument Training
  • Piano, Drums, Bass, Singing Classes